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As an expert of violent criminality, R. Barri Flowers has appeared on the Biography Channel, Investigation Discovery , and Oxygen television documentary crime series. Follow R. To learn more, please visit his website. How does this book make a contribution to the genre? What authors or books have influenced your career as a writer, and why?

About Latest Posts. International Thriller Writers Inc represents professional authors from around the world. Usually, I have a main character in mind—for whom the eyes of the story belong. From there, I begin to outline the whole story and write out vignettes of action or dialogue. Research is essential, with the primary research done before any main writing is done. Research generally helps to shape the story and may even create a new character that needs to pop up along the way.

For these mystery-thrillers, which I like to think of as long weekend reads, I try to target enough story for between 85 and 90 thousand words.

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In writing for a particular character or situation, sometimes these words and actions are necessary. How do you create characters for your stories?

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Why that title specifically? Physically, it takes place on the beach so there is that obvious aspect. But the title is actually much more suggestive than that. When he meets Natalie, their unlikely friendship sparks into something they never expected, but everything they need.

His days are spent seeking out the enemy in dangerous territory. His life is one of duty, and nothing more. Maggie fears all men. As the village healer, she is surrounded by men, but will never find love. When word arrives that Flynn is wounded in the woods, Maggie must face her fears to save him. This is the second book in this series. Trilogy now complete! It was only a wish.

In a last-ditch effort to keep his soul, Connor wishes to become one of the demons. The biggest catch? Never ever fall in love with a human. Easy, right?

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Then she walked into his school. Beautiful, funny… and blind. A jaded man playing Santa at the request of his ill sister, and the single mom who works hard to provide for her kids. Can they get past their blues and find love together? She was no longer lost, no longer tumbling aimlessly and, above all, she was no longer lonely. Then, a voice on a phone, a plea for help, someone searching for understanding sends her out of her comfort zone and, perhaps, dangerously close to being lonely again.

Kindle Awakening Promiscus Guardians Book 1 by Brianna West: Sassy, average human, or so she thinks, meets a sexy pair of supernatural hunks and Guardians who drag her into a world hidden in plain sight. Join Izzy as she sarcastically navigates the ongoing battle between the Light and Dark. Angels, demons, vampire-angels, warlock-faeries.

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  • Laugh, cry, sit on the edge of your seat in this bestselling series! Just move in for a week while Char was on vacation, feed the dogs, and all would be right in the world. An age gap romance! Before now, ghouls have stayed out of America, but now one is hunting Alex. The more Zuri resists, the stronger the attraction — and he has a rule against falling for his client. Can they survive and live happily ever after?

    Hot bikers. Protective alphas. Undeniable love stories. Charge your kindles up, ladies, because these bad boys are about to rock your world. He thought I was being mysterious when I told him my name was Wyld. He thought I was just another starry-eyed girl looking for a ticket to the shinier life. He thought wrong. And what are the odds I would ever see him again? Nikhil was that hero to immortal dragon, Belah.

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    Deadly assassin. I must take a wife. One night with her is all it takes for me to see that she is no typical Mafia princess. My affection for her is unexpected. My love, unintended.

    33 Great True-Crime Books, According to Crime Writers

    Four years later, he goes looking for his family, who he thought had been taken care of. Instead, he finds promises broken, and his wife struggling.

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    All he wants is to make things better and get his family back. But fate has other ideas. Please note: This is part one of a duet and ends in a cliffhanger. Now, every time Lacy sees him she begins to hope that Jake can give her what no one else ever has.

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    This Fourth of July proves to have more explosions in store than those in the sky, for Jake sets out to prove that he can give Lacy exactly what she needs. As a bold response, she answers a Mail-Order Bride ad without knowing what future awaits her…. Instead, he issues an ultimatum — submit to him in the bedroom, or go to jail. But being back in Smithville means facing Alex, her first love. Alex is home from the Army, dealing with a life-threatening wound. Will the wallflower win the war?

    It all starts with one unforgettable waltz… Over 5-star reviews on Amazon! The Challenge by Deana Farrady: Neighbors play a steamy game of love and find more than they bargained for. Heat up.

    Passionate, intense, and fresh. No way, no how will she risk her heart to that infuriating alpha bear again. Exclusive bonus edition chock full of extras! Ailsa Montgomery is just doing her job as a nurse when Brochan shows up. However, some loves are meant to last forever. But can these rugged cowboys really be my lovers? Sparks fly when each cowboy vows to protect, comfort and shield me from my own misplaced guilt.

    Hard muscle. Marine MP. And the guy who took my innocence five years ago! Also the guy who gave me the most precious gift ever — my daughter well, our daughter I should be saying. Beck and C.