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In his third adventure, young Jack Fletcher is continuing at the samurai training school, this time struggling to master the Two Heavens, the secret sword technique of his foster-father, the famous samurai, Masamoto. Outside, the storm clouds of war are gathering. But there are tensions within it and the powerful samurais are taking sides. The most dangerous faction wants all foreigners killed and, all too soon, Jack learns that atrocities against Christians are escalating.

It is time for Jack to leave Japan but first he needs to recover the rutter and then he needs to make his way to a port and find a ship to take him home. With war imminent, neither will be easy. As we have come to expect, Chris Bradford gives his readers a roller-coaster of a ride. The pace is terrific and our hearts are in our mouths for Jack and his young friends.

Young Samurai: The Way of the Dragon

An entire generation of manga fans cut their teeth on this series about an orphaned boy who dreams of becoming the best ninja in his village. If you love slick battles and cool ninja powers, this is the series for you.

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When you ask a manga reader what their favorite title is, Fullmetal Alchemist is usually in their top 10, and for good reason. Not only does it delve into the relationship between brothers after a catastrophe, it features some of the most awesome female characters you will ever see in a manga and an intriguing plot that consists of conspiracy, redemption, and sacrifice. In my opinion, barring any other reading preferences, this is the best manga to give someone to get them hooked on the medium.

Please forget the atrocious, whitewashed Netflix adaptation and read the original manga instead. A brilliant high school student obtains a notebook that grants him the ability to kill anyone whose name and face he knows. With these newfound abilities, he plans to create a utopian world free of any crime, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. When her mother dies in a car accident, high school student Tohru Honda finds herself living with the Sohma family. In doing so, she uncovers their family secret. Each member of the Sohma family is possessed by a spirit of the Chinese zodiac and will transform into their animal form under a specific set of conditions.

Because Tohru is a kind-hearted girl, she agrees to keep this discovery a secret and then sets about to break the family curse. One of the best manga about magical girls, Sailor Moon has the honor of being the series that launched the genre as we know it today. The heroine, Usagi Tsukino, discovers she is Sailor Moon, a warrior destined to protect Earth from evil. Along the way, she assembles other Sailor Scouts—warriors meant to represent the other planets of the solar system—to help her in her mission. These titles will satisfy that need. Izuku Midoriya is a regular boy born in a world where everyone has superpowers, thus crushing his dreams of becoming a superhero.

But due to an unexpected turn of events, he gains a set of super abilities of his own. It turns out his dream might not be out of reach, after all. Isayama took the manga world by storm with his post-apocalyptic vision of a faltering human race besieged by man-eating giants. One Piece is one of the most significant manga series of our generation. Full stop. No question. It holds records and has topped Japanese bestseller lists since it first debuted in Full of funky special abilities, hilarious visual puns, and found family feels, One Piece is a magical journey that reminds everyone to go after their dreams.

A semi-satirical look at the superhero genre, One-Punch Man follows Saitama, a once-average young man who trains himself to become a superhero. Facing no challenges, Saitama now faces existential ennui, even as he joins a superhero organization to protect the world from monsters and supervillains. Now you want to delve into series that pioneered the medium and influenced generations of manga creators. Originally published in the s, Devilman has spawned countless spin-offs and anime adaptations—the most recent of which took Netflix by storm at the beginning of Alas, his chosen mission is complicated by two things: the question of whether humans are worth protecting and his best friend.

Most fans are familiar with the now-seminal anime, but as with many film adaptations, the movie condenses thousands of pages into two hours—which erases many nuances. At its heart, the manga details the conflict between biker gang leader Kaneda and his unstable telekinetic friend, Tetsuo. But in whole, the story also explores politics, power, and corruption. CLAMP has created many beloved series, although a good number of them also remain unfinished. No shade. Well, maybe a little shade. As a magical girl series, Cardcaptor Sakura is probably one of the more accessible series in their backlist.

It follows a young girl named Sakura who accidentally releases a set of magical cards and now must work to retrieve them and seal them away once more. While Sailor Moon launched the modern magical girl genre, Cardcaptor Sakura cemented the cutesy aesthetic we associate with it today. This long-running series follows the strange lives of the Joestar family. Its structure is unique, with each part focusing on a different family member and taking place in a different time and location.

From here on out, I categorize manga titles by their genre. Each category includes many different genre takes and executions in hopes you can find the best manga to read for you.

50 Best Manga You Must Read Right Now: Classics And New Releases

A middle school softball superstar, Haruna decides to pursue a different goal when she enters high school: finding a boyfriend. Not to be deterred, she seeks help from the most popular guy in school.

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Yukari is a high school student who should be preparing for her college entrance exams. This is an exciting and accessible read, which will engage reluctant readers looking for some action. The 18 year old heir to a giant shipping empire, she now has a dangerous obsession. As newspapers speculate about her disappearance, and tabloid magazines invent gossip about future TV weddings, Captain Kira Beaumont fights a secret crusade a thousand feet under the pacific.

Goal: Save refugees attacked on the high seas. Enemy: Modern pirates, murderous and well armed. Secret Weapon: A reborn combat submarine, bristling with 21st Century technology to fight an ancient evil. Thunderfish: Some legends were meant to come true. Australian Bestseller February Reprinted continuously since Has been performed on stage. Available also as Audio Book from Bolinda Publications.

After witnessing a pirate attack on an asylum boat, Kira runs away from it all. Leading her own war against the pirates in a Kilo class submarine, hundreds of feet under the sea. This book is a quick, extremely well-written novel with the MOST unexpected ending. I loved this book. I recommend this book for Year girls because it has a lot of powerful females in it. She also has a heart. This action story describes her efforts to become a vigilante of the sea and take on the pirates of the world.

Higgins has created some great characters and his descriptions of submarine life are great. You will either join the Navy immediately or resolve never to even look at a sub! This is a good book if you enjoy a story of action, tension and interest. Recommended for Level readers or an easy-to-read book for Year 9 readers. Kira Beaumont, the eighteen-year-old heiress of a gigantic shipping empire, witnesses cruel acts of murder and piracy in the Coral Sea.

So she gathers an experienced crew who set out in an upgraded ex-Russian submarine to act as vigilantes for boat people who are being killed by pirates. Higgins maintains the suspense in this finely crafted novel right until the last page. Useful for the study of Adventure or Thrillers.

Later in the 21st Century… 18 year old Cass Marshall has survived a global disaster and most of Australia is under water, with survivors scattered in island villages.

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Especially when her best friend has vanished, the scouts are keeping secrets, and there are strange tracks in the forest! Cass is determined to know what it all means, but solving this mystery will drag her into the heart of terror, and the new world into war.

Best Ongoing Manga Series

A fascinating book. In the case of Higgins, this means considerable research into traditional Aboriginal foods and weapons of the New South Wales -Queensland coast. Staples like Bungwahl bread make his future society viable, as well as credible on the purely literal level. There is much to commend in this book: the character of Cass, and her progress from wayward teenage girl to Amazon; the way Higgins shows a society adapting to change; the interactions of the many interesting minor characters; and a deft grasp of action writing.

There is clearly a space for a sequel or two or three which I trust will happen. I thought it was very good, slightly strange…but still good. Thanks to this book, I spent the 13 hour overnight plane ride wide awake, reading. Much of the land has subsided and is flooded, leaving islands where cities and farmlands once stood.

Cass and her father Eddie are members of a community of survivors who must work together to create a new future for themselves. This action-packed survival adventure handles a mixture of issues with rare ease. The harmony of the multicultural Fort Necessity community is essential to the survival and success of the group as a whole. It has enough originality though, to grab the attention of many adolescent readers looking for a good adventure. Highly recommended. On a lonely Australian Bush plateau, a young man and two women are about to be hunted. Their pursuer is an expert tracker, skilled with firearms.

Nightmare images make her doubt her own sanity. Bad day? Things are about to get worse… In the labyrinth of Cybercourt, Jade must survive a deadly nemesis — fearless prison escapee Haman Callow. Aided by a brilliant young geek, the ruthless, inventive criminal is about to lock Jade and her friends Bruce, Wing and Lucy into a terrifying contest of wits. Escape will depend on controlling the artificial intelligence that runs Cybercourt.

Readers who have an Internet connection -or would love to have one- will really enjoy Cybercage and will probably want to read everything else Simon Higgins has written. Jade, after reading about the new Cybercourt, a court controlled by a computer with the capacity to learn, convinces her teacher to organize a class excursion to the court.

Meanwhile psychopathic prisoner Haman Callow plans his escape using Mawson, a newly imprisoned computer hacker. Fans of Doctor Id will not be disappointed in this novel. We are introduced to Jade trying to cope with the aftermath of her encounter with DoctorId.

Samurai Jack Season 5 Trailer - Samurai Jack - Adult Swim

She is undergoing counseling and is traumatized by recurring nightmares. However, readers need not be familiar with Doctor Id to enjoy and understand Cybercage. In fact Cybercage may motivate readers to pick up a copy of Doctor Id and read it retrospectively. Cybercage has strong, clearly defined characters. Especially interesting is the bullying relationship used by Callow to coerce Mawson into working for him. Jade provides a strong, intelligent and mature female role model.

During the course of the novel she confronts her nightmares and fears, resolves her romantic dilemma and uses her intelligence to outwit both Callow and the Cybercourt computer. Simon Higgins, an Australian author, uses familiar English phrases but he does not rely on colloquialisms or overtly Australian settings. The novel includes some language and allusions that readers may not be familiar with, however everything is clearly explained without patronizing the reader.

Technobabble used by Mawson and Wing is explained by the character interactions. The myth of the Minotaur is used throughout the novel and develops as a symbolic code within the context of the story. I enjoyed Cybercage and recommend it for both male and female readers.

Reluctant Reads - Ages 7+

All conflict is handled in a mature way. The characters are all independent and intelligent. I would not be surprised to see Jade and friends return in another adventure at some future stage. How does he choose them and track them down? Jade Draper, teenage computer freak, wants to know. The mounting tally of unsolved murder victims is wrecking her family life.