Bridge, Zia...and Me

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지아 (ZIA) - Only One (신데렐라와 네 명의 기사 OST) [Music Video]

You Have To See This. Declarer Play at Bridge: A Quizbook.

Bridge, Zia...and Me

Bumblepuppy Days. Additional Material from Bumblepuppy Days.

Cuebidding Controls. North of the Master Solvers' Club.

by: Michael Rosenberg. Foreword by Zia Mahmood

Last Call in the Menagerie. Reese on Play. Play These Hands With Me. Play Bridge with Reese. The Hog takes to Precision. The Thin Fine Line. Diamonds Are the Hog's Best Friend. Go Ahead, Laugh!

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Somehow We Landed in Six Notrump. The Setting Trick. Focus on Declarer Play. Focus on Defense. The Hands of Time. South simply discards a spade from dummy, finesses the queen of spades, ducks a club and claims the last two tricks.

The Southern embassy declined to comment but in the interests of international relations I should like to pay tribute to The Bridge World , the American magazine from which this deal is taken and that has provided some of the best bridge writing and reporting for more than 75 years. You may quote me. Advanced Art. Bidding Art. Bridge Hands Art.

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Declarer Play Art. Defense Art. Hand Evaluation Art. Bidding V. Declarer Play V. Humor V.

by: Michael Rosenberg. Foreword by Zia Mahmood

Interview V. Quiz V. Tuesday, July 9, He remembers once how he was with Omar Sharif and there was this beautiful lady who came along to join the famous actor. In a fit of disappointment, Omar proceeded to a Casino and went on a gambling spree. That was his lucky day. Exposure to international competitions alone can develop their skills. Edit Favorites. Contact Us.