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And he shits, he turned himself into a shitter. And in the centermost of all the conversations in the book, the one in which The Digger and his brother let it all out in discussing familial obligations, guilt, betrayal, earthly versus heavenly pleasures, etc. I figure, I make it, great. He writes regularly for Shindig!

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Super read, fascinating, gives a deep deep look at Higgins, his motivations, his demons, his work and his early death. The author, E Ford, writes like a dream. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Comments Albert Tucher January 31, at am.

This is a book I can still quote from memory forty years later. I think that says it all. Conrad Ambrose August 28, at pm. I highly recommend the biography. C Ambrose Reply. Brian Greene August 28, at pm. C- Thanks for the tip. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

They were a handful of leftover student radicals from the turbulent 60's - brilliant renegade children of affluence, financing their reign of urban terror through a series of daring armored car robberies. For nearly a decade they avoided capture, until justice finally triumphed in the wake of a brutal mass murder in downtown Boston. But for the killers' families, the police, the obsessed young Assistant D.

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It had only just begun. Every state police officer in Boston knows that Arthur McKeach and Nick Cistaro are the most prolific and ruthless practitioners of extortion, fraud, theft, bribery, assault, and murder in the area. What none of them know is how to stop these Michelangelos of crime, who for thirty years have eluded jail - and even arrest.

The Digger’s Game

Their secret is at the heart of George Higgins's most searing and shocking dissection of the criminal life yet. At End of Day lays bare not only the inner workings of a criminal empire, but also reveals the corruption at the heart of American law enforcement.

There aren't any textbooks on armed robbery. The only way to learn is through experience, and small-time crooks Frank and Stick are determined to do as much learning on the job as possible. In s' Detroit they embark on a crime spree, holding up liquor stores and supermarkets. But then they bend their own rules, and it looks like trouble is heading their way. Nobody knows his name and nobody knows what he looks like.

There is one possible lead: two Massachusetts politicians are trying to bring off an early pardon for Mikey-mike Magro, currently in prison for murder. And Magro is known to very proficient at finding guns for sale. Tadhg Hynes, a Dubliner, narrates James Joyce's revolutionary masterpiece.

Hynes says, "Don't be put off by its reputation. You don't need a university degree though some like to think that you do!

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It's a book for everyone, and as you become familiar with the way Joyce writes, this becomes obvious. I've tried to bring out the Dublin wit and the unique language of its people, and I hope that this adds to the enjoyment of this great book. His riskiest feat, however, was witnessing a Dixie-style mob execution while atop his diving platform.

Robert Taylor saw the hit also. A blues-loving Detroit hustler touring the Southland, Taylor's got his own secret agenda and he wants Dennis in on the game. And high-diver Dennis could be about to take a long, fatal fall. In , Ulbricht, a year-old libertarian idealist and former Boy Scout, launched 'a website where people could buy anything anonymously, with no trail whatsoever that could lead back to them'.

From the New York Times baseball columnist, an enchanting, enthralling history of the national pastime as told through the craft of pitching, based on years of archival research and interviews with more than people from Hall of Famers to the stars of today. A three-year-old murder case was coming together nicely. A killer Hoke once put in prison has moved in across the street.

The Digger's Game

And Hoke's daughter has blue hair. But now Hoke has to pretend to be a bum. In a dusty corner of South Florida, Hoke enters a world of Haitian migrant workers, soup kitchens, and whores. In the searing heat he'll meet the man he's been sent to kill - the most vicious beast in the land The last time Florida motel owner George Moran was in the Dominican Republic he was in a uniform and people were shooting at him.

Years later he's back looking for a girl he lost - and finding one he'd be better off without.

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