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If you are identified a topic, this may help you to ask it as a question. By posting the topic as a question, you can more easily to find out the concepts and keywords that are to be used for the research. Before starting the research in serious, do a preliminary search to find out whether there is sufficient information as per your needs and set the context of the research.

You can check the keywords in the suitable titles in the reference of the library such as books, internet search engines, and periodical database. Additional information will get from the textbooks, lecture notes, and reserve the readings. If you will get the idea about the direction of the research, you can start to locate the materials for writing the topic.

It may get from the search engines, libraries or from any other sources of information. The teacher expects that you will give truthful, credible, and reliable information that you have each right to expect since the sources that you use to giving the same. This step is especially significant while using the internet resources, most of which are regarded as less that of reliable. Consult the sources that you have selected and note the details which will be useful in the essay.

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Ensure that the document for all of the sources that you consult, even if there is a choice you may not use as a particular source. The publisher, author, url and any other details are needed for creating a bibliography later. After making some notes for the essay, you can organizing the information that you have collected. Then the next step is making a rough draft based on the collected data on the essay. This step will help you to arrange the ideas and find out the form the final essay.

Then revise the draft as many of the times then make a final draft. Essay writing is a significant skill for everyone in the academic life. As you know, it is not easy to complete the essay as an effective one. The following are some of the rules that you have to concentrate while writing an essay. While studying in college, most of the students enjoy the advantages of group study.

According to the atmosphere and members, group study can be either helps the growth of the student of pull a student down. Here I am going to discuss about the importance of the good group studies. Since the group study meet at regular interval of times, attending students cannot postpone. If alone, the student should postpone the studying until the night previous to the class. While in a group study, though, the students have to be present at a particular time, and they are not able to postpone.

If the student is struggle with postponing, a group study should just be the solution for everyone. Working together, the students in the group study can commonly learn faster that the students which are doing as alone. For some instance, some part of the textbook looks completely confusing for the students, and they could be quite clear to other student. In the group study, instead of spending the time for mystifying over the hardness, you can learn easily by simply asking questions.

Furthermore, you can help the students while they feel difficulties in understanding something, which you can understand. If you are studying as alone, you can always see the material from the similar perspective yours. When this may not be an issue, getting a fresh perspective on the topic and which can help you to study it more thoroughly. Group studies are the good places for finding the new perspectives. As you listen and ask the questions, you can begin noticing a wide range of different viewpoint about the similar idea.

This will force you to think more on the positions and so therefore create the critical thinking skills when helping you to study. Furthermore to learning, new perspectives on the topic, you can also find out the new study techniques. During the academic life, each of the students creates his own specific study methods. When you are working excellently, you possibly can still find the ways to enhance the learning abilities and sharpen the mind. With group study, you will get the opportunity to observe the range of varieties of student methods in action.

Studying as alone, especially for long time duration, can become a monotonous activity. However, by joining a group study, you can break the monotony and can learn faster. Since the social method of a group study, you can always have someone for discussing the subject with while you find the topic tedious or struggling. Group study provides a good opportunity to fill the gaps in the notes. By comparing the notes with other students, you can analyse the accuracy, get ideas for good note making, and fix any errors. Working with the peers in the group study provides a good opportunity to hone the skills of the people.

After completing the academics, you will find out yourself working with the colleagues with projects in a very same group dynamic. If you feel any difficulties in the group study, you can use to practice the collaboration skills. Grammar is the structure, meaning system and sound of language. All of the languages have grammar and each of the language has its own grammar.

People those speak the same language which are able to communicate since they instinctively understand the grammar system of that language, which is the rules of making the meaning.

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Students those are native speakers of English and already knew the English grammar. They can distinguish the sounds of English words, meaning of those words and variety of ways of placing the words together for making meaningful sentences. However, when the students can be the efficient speakers of English, they want guidance to become the efficient writers.

They have to learn about how to transfer the knowledge of grammatical concepts from spoken language to written language. Efficient grammar rules starts with what the students already understand about the grammar, and it will helps them to use the knowledge as they can write. By linking their knowledge of spoken language to written language, the teachers can expose abstract for grammatical terminology, so that the students can read and write with good confidence and competence.

Research powerfully suggests that the most advantages way of helping the students to enhance the command of grammar in writing is to utilize the writing of students as the basis of discussing the concepts of grammar. Most of the researchers agree that it is more efficient to teach the punctuation, variety of sentences and use in the context of writing than to approaching the subject by teaching the isolated skills.

Most of the people focus on using the correct grammar when they have hard time to understanding something and grammar is a simple way to blame. However, when a writer with less skills in structuring the sentences, spelling and usage of comma takes time to build an efficient outline, most of the readers fail to identify the lack of skills in the grammar. In the similar way, most of the writers who feel they have less skills can focus only on their own capability with grammar. Instead of it, writers must ensure that they have real ideas and an efficient outline before start to work on anything.

After that they have gotten whole thing down on the paper, they can work to make what they can write and easier to understand. This is all of grammar is for, really which will help to make other people for understanding about what you need them to. Therefore, without proper grammar, it is not easy to complete the sentence and it will not have any meaning. Motivating the student is one of the most difficult features of becoming a teacher. It is also one of the significant one in every teachers life.

Students those are not motivated cannot learn efficiently. They will not retain the information, they will not contribute, and some of them may even become troublemaking. A student might be unmotivated for various types of reasons: they can feel that they have no any enthusiasm for the subject, discover the strategies for the instructor un-drawing in, or be unfocused by outer powers. It may come to light that the student whose appeared as unmotivated really has difficulty in learning and is required of special attention.

When motivating the students will be a hard task, the rewards are more than that of worth it. Motivated students are more eager to study and participate. Easily place: teaching a class of full motivated students and is enjoyable for teacher and the students alike. Some of the students are self-motivated, with a natural love of studying.

Nevertheless, even with the students those does not have the common drive, a great instructor can make learning reserve and move them to achieve the maximum capacity. The following are some of the effective ways for how to motivate the students:. Students seek the teacher for approval and positive support, and are more likely to be excited about learning if they feel the work is valued and recognized. You must encourage freethinking and open communication with the students for making them feel significant.

One of the ways to encourage the students and teach them accountability is to get them involved in the classroom. Make contributing fun by providing each of the students a job to do. Provide students the accountability of attacking up or decorating in the classroom. Assign the student to remove the pass out materials and blackboard. If you are going to read over the class, ask the students to bring the turns reading sections out as loud.

Make the students work in the groups and assign each of the task or role. Providing the students a sense of ownership, which allows them to feel talented and improve active participation in the class. Setting the expectations and sensible demands improves the students for participating, but sometimes the students want an extra push in the correct direction.

Offering the students some small incentives, which makes learning fun and motivates the students for pushing themselves. Incentives can variety of small to large providing a special privilege to an ideal student. Giving rewards will provide the students a sense of encourage and accomplishment them to work with an objective in mind. Avoid uniformity by changing around in the structure of the class. Teach via discussions and games instead of lectures, and encourage the students to enrich and debate the matter of topic with visual aids such as diagrams, colourful charts and some videos.

You can even show a film, which efficiently illustrate the theme or topic. The physical classroom must never be boring,: use models, posters, seasonal themes and student projects for decorating the classroom and make them a warm and stimulating environment. On the off chance that an understudy does not trust that what they're realizing is critical, they won't have any desire to learn, so it's imperative to show how the subject identifies with them.

In case you're showing polynomial math, set aside some opportunity to examine how it is used for all intents and purposes for instance, in designing and offer your discoveries with your students.

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Truly astound them by disclosing to them that they may utilize it in their profession. They may never be amped up for variable based math yet in the event that they perceive how it applies to them, they might be spurred to learn mindfully. The frightened research paper can leave number of wondering and where to go for the information. With the help of internet being so available, it should be tempting to the types of words in the search engine like Google and you can use whatever comes as the first. You can get great sources and lucky or you may stuck with less believable sites which can leave the teacher wondering where you will get the information.

Learning about how to evaluate the sources for the research paper writing is the key point for the success of the research paper. The following are some of the tips for finding the sources for completing the research paper. However, must careful of the sites like Wikipedia since which allows multiply users for editing.

It is the good jumping-off point in terms of arranging out what have to search for, but double click all of the factors by utilizing the credible resources of information. The issue with that is you pass up a great opportunity for unintentionally unearthing a book or magazine that may very well be the ideal hotspot for your examination paper. Social media has been affecting our lives for a long while now and the pattern of utilizing it is regularly expanding systematically.

It is utilized by individuals as a stage to cooperate among each other, share individual photographs, recordings, perspectives and surveys on various points of everyday life, legislative issues, games, markets and considerably more through the web with the utilization of gadgets like PCs, tablets, and PDAs and so forth. The utilization of web-based social networking is on blast these days.

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  • Portraits of the Righteous in the Psalms: An Exploration of the Ethics of Book I.

Regardless of whether it is mingling and systems administration sites, for example, Facebook, online journals and educational sites, for example, Twitter, Tumblr, video sharing sites, e. YouTube and Daily-movement and other sort of stages, they have made life simpler by fast sharing of practically everything that a man needs to think about. There is no uncertainty about the trustworthiness of people on these wellsprings of mingling that is the reason each business is utilizing them to expand their efficiency and benefits.

Education is no special case in using web-based social networking. We realize that instruction has been dependant generally on the print and electronic media for a long while, however those media are costly because of lesser accessibility, then again, web-based social networking is cheap and effortlessly accessible. Presently a large portion of the educators and teachers utilize YouTube to demonstrate students various types of recordings identified with their subjects and consequently their profitability has ventured out in front of what it used to be some time recently.

Different types of assignments require different styles, so be prepared for the need to continue to develop your skills. What is an academic piece of work. Your assignment needs to be targeted. It should: Be focused on the questions and criteria Make a decision Follow an argument. How to be targeted. Academic keywords or clue words. You should: Identify topic areas Research Plan your assignment Think about your introduction and conclusion.

How to be in-depth. How to read quickly. An academic writing style is measured. How to be measured. Your assignment needs to be evidence-based. You should: Reference all the ideas in your work Paraphrase your evidence Apply critical thinking to your evidence. How to be evidence-based. How to paraphrase. Planning Your Time : Discover the importance of having a plan. Use the Weekly Planner Template to plot your tasks and keep on top of what you need to complete and by when. Prioritising Your Time : Making a plan is only half the battle, you also need to know how to prioritise the tasks you need to complete.

Use the Priority Graph Template to determine if all tasks need to be completed and by when. Getting Organised : Find out top tips that will save you time and help you feel more in control of your studies. Use the To Do List Template to plot out specific tasks to complete each week. Dealing with Distractions : Do you know what your distractions are? Find out if your distractions are aiding procrastination and how you can deal with them better. Using the Pomodoro Technique : Still struggling with managing your study time? Try the Pomodoro Technique, which promises to focus your studying to complete tasks in short, structured and timed study sessions.

Note Taking Making notes at University will help you to make sense of what you are learning and to remember it later. Assignment Planning Planning should be a crucial part of your overall approach to academic writing. Dissertations A dissertation differs from an essay at undergraduate level in that it will focus on a subject that you choose for yourself. Guides: Dissertations — Choosing a topic Dissertations — Introductions, conclusions and literature reviews Guide to using online survey tools Dissertations — A professional finish formatting and managing large documents in Word.

Use a printer , pen , highlighter , post it notes — whatever works for you! Use a Proofreading Checklist and add to it each time you receive feedback. UniSpeaks UniSpeaks offers a safe space to practice speaking in front of an audience; be that your peers, tutors or even an interview panel. Online Submission We know that when a deadline is approaching, submitting your final piece of work can be stressful enough without unexpected hitches, so try not to leave your submission till the last minute.

If you think this issue could be system related, we do have preferred Twitter feeds for you to follow that will highlight any known issues: EdgeHillVLE provides scheduled Learning Edge maintenance alerts and up to date system notices around different technologies used within the VLE such as Turnitin.

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Go Conqr Go Conqr is a social learning platform. Trello Trello is a project management tool allowing users to create workboards for projects and designate workflows. Wunderlist Wunderlist is a list-based time-management app. OneNote OneNote is similar to Evernote. Pocket Pocket is similar to Instapaper. Digital Footprint It is important to be aware of your presence online, and to create a positive image of yourself for future employers to see.

Exam Preparation Exams are an integral part of the university experience, and with the pressure of wanting to perform your best, you might notice healthy habits start to fall by the wayside. As well as booking onto one of our Effective Exam Preparation workshops we propose the following to get your mind and body in tiptop shape for when it counts most… Why Set Goals? Setting goals can help you to see the bigger picture. Goals can be long term the future or short term the now.

Goals allow you to determine what you want to achieve and by when. Writing a goal down and listing the steps you need to take to achieve that goal, helps to make you accountable to complete the task. Goals can keep you motivated, as you experience the satisfaction of ticking off completed tasks on a to do list.

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Speak your goals out loud. Tell others what your intentions are and when you hope to complete them by. You are then accountable to others, who will be able to check your progress along the way. Work with others. Reflect on the progress you have already made. This could be reading previous positive feedback or acknowledging something new that you can now do.

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Reflecting on what you still need to achieve can also help if you need to revise your goals. Keep a to do list. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to tick off your tasks once they have been completed. Clearly mark the date, time and exam location in your diary or calendar. Speak with your tutor well in advance if you are unsure of what to expect or to clarify content you do not understand. Consider attending a Uniskills Effective Exam Preparation workshop.

Revise what you can bring with you. Most exams will allow for a bottle of water, but you will need to check about dictionaries, source texts and notes. Take a look at our Exam Preparation Checklist and start building your unique revision intentions to keep you motivated. Arrive comfortably in advance. It is a good idea to do a trial run or review your transport options before the day if you are travelling to an unfamiliar location.

Write your name and student number on all the answer sheets as required. Remember that the invigilator is there to help you, so do not be afraid to ask for extra sheets or materials. Ensure you are not missing any questions on the reverse of the page, or that any pages are stuck together. Read the question carefully twice! Check that you clearly understand what is expected of you — how many questions do you need to answer, and in how much depth?

Keep an eye on the time. If necessary, consider how many marks each question is worth and distribute accordingly. Try and stick to the time you set yourself for each one. If it is an essay-based exam it is important to make a plan and have a clear structure to your writing.