WONDERFUL NET LIFE (Japanese Edition)

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Sometimes we experience things that plant the seeds of shame : rejection, betrayal, abandonment, failure.

Garr Reynolds

I do believe these experiences change us though—and I think we have a choice. The times when we get scratched, chipped, cracked and broken can feel totally shitty, but there can also be a strange beauty in the way we process them and the lessons we take from them afterwards… if we want. We can decide to cover up, or we can decide to walk out into the world as ourselves , mended breaks and all. Your story is yours to be told. Embrace the experiences that have influenced you.

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Read This for Inspiration. I'm an advocate of rational personal development, self-expression and the freedom to be who we truly are. I look forward to bringing my flaws to light and recreating with the broken bits I find into something more authentic flawed but real and I guess beautiful in my own way.

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Our minister used this story of the broken pottery and filling in the cracks yesterday at church. What a beautiful story!!

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