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The movie moves really slow and there many quiet scenes, but the movie is super creepy. Iris is writer and she write horror book. There are few good jump scares in the beginning of the movie, but the rest of the movie bit let down. At the end, it is bit of stretch to call this horror film. But when Iris started to call her Polly, it alarmed her. Then we find out Polly is real person who was murder in the house many years ago. She is buried inside the wall hence Lady in the Walls.

Soon she realized that Polly is haunting Lily. Since no one is taking care of Iris, Iris also dies. Taylor, I just have to tell you that I love your writing style. Also that I watched the movie a few minutes ago, but my confusion led me on a search for explanation. That is how I found yours. Thank you for clarifying a few things for me. That said, I am so glad that you found a movie that genuinely scared you. I am in a constant lifelong search for just that.

I cannot say that this one scared me at all, but the confusion is what kept me watching. It will not receive a bad rating from me, but not the best. Shalania, That was a very kind way to disagree. I should take a course from you on tactfulness… of which I have a negative score. Literally a deficit. And maybe it just hit my sweet spot and I was just in a spookable mood. I remember years ago looking for really scary books. And ending up falling in love with the House of Leaves and enjoying it as a real love story, and not a horror book at all. But I was thankful for the recommendation!

Anyway, thanks for the compliment. Thanks for dialoguing in spite of not exactly seeing eye to eye. Make sure you comment on other movies here too! Have you ever watched The Babadook? That movie scared the poop out of me, and it had a pretty ingenious metaphoric plot line. I really like the movie. But the literal story works for me also. I loved the slow pace. I think it was way more than a horror movie or thriller. I find it strange that so many people felt so strongly they hated it. I actually like that not all of the loose ends were tied because it definitely lends to a scarier story that you can make up in your own head!

I do think Ruth Wilson Lily is awkward in most of the roles she plays but there is something attractive and mysterious about her and it is the reason I watched the movie in the first place. The opening scene when she first meets Ms. Blum and the way she looks at Lily was creepy as hell!!!! Almost like she recognized her!!!!! The other creepy scene was with the arms decaying in the kitchen, almost as if she Lily was dead already.

I liked it. I think I may watch it again actually, after reading these reviews. Pretty cool movie for a rainy, Sunday afternoon! I was just curious why the writer was so fixated on pretty things.. I did find this movie to be creepy and the isolation made me uncomfortable. And the comment earlier about the umbilical cord, dying right after birth, Im still trying to figure that out. A new marriage can symbolize a new birth, and Polly did die right after marriage. Sure sounded creepy though! I am easily afraid of horror films and I at most times would predict the scary scene and look away to save myself from the scare.

Enough of my intro..

Watched "I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House" : horror

I liked this movie, though I could be biased because of her. I finished the film expecting to see more of what happened in the past, but this movie will let you think and imagine and assume what happened. But it was still scary! I found this website in search for explanation in the film, and I am happy to read your blog about it, and the comments which gave me few more insights about the film.

Yes, being born and dying just after it could be related to being newly married. Yes, the beauty thing could mean that Polly was pretty but she had one too many haters, and maybe her husband hated her as well and married her just to have revenge or something, and the big nice house could be a cover up, so that no one could notice his motive, or he could be psychotic in the sense that he got something really pretty and would want to secure it to himself.

But where did he go?

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It was said that the 2 of them disappeared after marriage right? And also, is the man walking in suit while Polly was walking blind folded the same man who is bloody and concealing the wall? I thought the movie was slow too, but that was to add to the scare. It makes you excited to see the next scene actually.

Did Lily also roam the house? The last scene still showed Polly roaming in the house. I hope the author would read all the comments and reviews here! I actually gave the movie three and a half out of five stars. I enjoyed the darkness of the film, it gives a suspense and mild horror to the film. Which is what lead me to this site. Overall, I enjoyed the film. I understand that this film was intended to be and certainly becomes an experience that can be interpreted in many ways. Still thinking about it the next day.

I found it totally unnerving to see that the ghostly apparition of Polly was most times twisted and confused by her death.

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Reading the comments posted made me think about those details intended to be noticed. The upside down chair. Much like Polly in her confused state. Loose ends are a tribute to the viewer! Only those with limited imaginations need every little detail explained. Scary enough and cool besides, and if someone is not creeped out by this film then I wonder what it would take. I was just happy to see Paula Prentiss in a roll. Paula Prentiss played a minor role but did it well. The movie she chose to act in was a good choice, devoid of meaningless bloody gore like slasher or chainsaw crapola.

I realize many readers have no clue who Bette Davis is unless gen-xers and millennials seek out older, classic films. Anyway, this movie had definite moments of creepiness more like life in that it uitilized a very real occurance of people who become frightened to death. Check this topic out on the internet—it is documented as happening! Big sigh of relief haha! So far, there is no concrete evidence or any record of an entity killing a living person; however, there are medically documented cases a person can become frightened to death.

This film is scary based on such a premise as well as utilizing fears victims may haunt the home they were murdered. I feel like just about every human has done something like that. Like when she stated she only saw the drawer that opened in the hallway, the water that poured through the holes in the sink, the bell that rings, etc. That part is close towards the end, a little before she investigates the noise downstairs and gets scared to death. Furthermore, I just want to point out that between the time she is in her room and the time she goes downstairs to see what the noise was, she heard two high pitched noises.

The second time she heard the noise was right after she saw the wall taken apart, revealing what was making the mold. However, the first time she heard the noise, before she got downstairs, I think it may have been the bell ringing. I say this because I think Ms. Blum died before Lily did.

Also, there are ceiling lights in the house, but she almost never bothers to turn them on to see. She purposely does not want to see, for she is too scared and does not want to believe what she knows to be true. This behavior is exhibited in many humans in various ways. Basically anything negative a human does that they consider habitual is the same type of behavior Lily had in this movie. I stumbled on this article after watching the movie and being left confused. I feel like you came to the same conclusions as me for the most part, but it has got me thinking…. I feel like this film was meant to be taken as entirely metaphorical.

With the filmography, the narration, the setting…. It was beautifully done, albeit slow, regardless of whether the plot was good or not. I feel like failure to see past what one wants to see was a big theme here.

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In both instances it led to their demise. Both were vulnerable, naive, innocent in a way. Polly let herself be blindfolded and led to her death. Lily refused to read the book or investigate into what had really happened, thus leading to her death. This also ties in with the flower symbolism. Flowers are beautiful, but fragile. We can see how she tries to explain things away and hide from what she fears.

In the end hwr fear kills her. A lot of rambling here, but thia is what I took from the movie. She saw Polly in Lily because they both refused to face the truth.

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The scenes with the distortion, my take from those is it shows how both women become trapped as ghosts. Polly still roaming the house, blindfolded, her feet backwards. Peeking around the corner when the young Blum called to her, tentatively walking down the stairs when the repairman are at the door. She says she wants to see her again, probably refering to Polly.

Whether or not she will face her fear…. I feel both ghosts are trapped because of their fears. Polly of facing the truth and Lily of Polly. But thats my take! But I do enjoy movies that make you think and piece things together. The title of this movie is a key to the story and seems misunderstood. Brother Elvis Perkins delivers his talent background music. I am not complaining. Good job, Oz and Elvis Perkins! It also presents the fascinating field of serial killer Profilers—a necessary psychological forensic investigation detection and way of solving of such grizzly crimes.

This was terribly written article full of spelling changes in the names and even reversing the character names repeatedly. Find an editor ASAP. Is their any significance to the old lawyer Mr. Waxcap I think? It felt nefarious to me like maybe he knew something was going to happen and wanted Mrs.

Blum to die. Five minutes ago I finished watching this movie. It was so slow that if it went any slower it would have stopped. I thought it was a terrible movie. There was nothing scary about it! I almost fell asleep 3 times. We all have our own likes and dislikes and our own opinion. Which I am more than thankful for. I just finished the movie and really enjoyed it! For about 20 minutes I thought I had it figured out that Ms.

Blum and Lilly were the same person…a result of the dementia. Can you please help with this? Sorry, I have noticed that sometimes the comment capability chokes.

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House Discussed and Explained

Which is weird, because I see your comment asking for help. But not any other comments commenting on the post itself. Feel free to try again, or better yet, email me your comment and I will post it on your behalf. Is Lily even a real person or just a fictional character? But in the end, I think your interpretation is the right one and the actual meaning of the story.

The fact that Mrs. Blum wanted to give the house to another writer kind of completes the full circle. Blum borrowed the house from Polly and wrote down her story. A new inhabitant will borrow the house from Lily and listen to what she has to say. In a way, the audience itself is this new person. I also understand why this movie creeped you out. It is not scary in the common sense of the word, but what it does masterfully is creating an atmosphere of strong discomfort.

Nothing seems right in this house. I was unsure at first what to think about the movie, if I liked it or if I found it boring, but then I realized how much the atmosphere stuck with me. I think Lily is the Dark Moon Flower. Notice how she fancies flower, not knowing shes gonna rot like the flowers she picked? She always wear white, it assures the sick that she is untouchable, like the Moon. Rewind back the list of books written by Ms Blum, you can see her lists of novels.

Lily has been looking at the book entitled Dark Moon Flower first thing, but not quite knowing what does it mean and how it is very much related to her. She has been distracted by Polly. In the end, Lily as the ghost goes back in time to when Ms Blum is still young, I bet to reveal her story, like any other pretty things who live inside the house. Also, Ms Blum said that Polly has been missing after a while, but surprisingly come back when Lily move in. Thats why her story was one without the ending. Perfect gooseflesh material. Everyone wants to know the ending.

Well the ending was her murder. Her husband suddenly attacks her during the reveal of the new home, she dies and is buried in the wall. Anything that happens afterwards is his story. The point was not to provide answers since Polly herself never got any answers. She was caught off guard and murdered not knowing why. As for Lily, she suffered a heart attack from the fright of seeing a ghost. Odd for a 28 yr. Lily and Polly were not the same person and had no connection to each other. Polly was in the house because she was murdered there. Lily was taking care of the old lady.

Their paths happened to cross one night and that was that. I enjoyed reading your write-up of the movie. So I stayed with this movie because, like you said, there are some interesting elements to it. I saw Lily as the next reincarnation of Polly. Hence, Lily is Lily, but was also recognized as Polly by Blum, and also Lilly herself recognized herself as Polly was connected to her. Glad I finished the movie. Sorry for reposting… comments not working? I cannot decide whether to like it or not.

Im into this kind of movies… But the story itself was so predictable. I already have idea how the story would go. But i finished it, out of curiosity. I will not lie , half the time i felt sleepy. Even Mrs. Blum, to a point. I went through the entire movie thinking that Lily was actually Polly. So the only disappointment I had in the film was in the end because I kind of did want some sort of resolution, specifically, I want to know who the story was being told to.

As in, who was the voiceover monologue for?

I thought that she was afraid of horror and scary tales because she was Polly and so as she began to forget that fact, similar in manner to split personalities, she created certain things to protect her from remembering. As far as to people needing to know why the husband killed Polly, I really felt no such inclination. This was a story about Lily trying to see and remember what had happened to her. It was a story about trying being confused and trying to understand, likely much how poor Mrs.

Blum must have felt much of the time with dementia. She says at the beginning that even the first night in the house there was a death and we see a ghostly image of Lily remain after the seemingly physical, material Lily has gone upstairs. This contributed to confusion in thinking Lily was Polly. Also, the rug always having to be flipped over seemed at the time to contribute to my thinking that she was already a ghost.

I think that the young, typist Mrs. Blum was actually her ghost. Just trying to sort through the confusion. Overall I found it profoundly sad and wonderfully directed. I really like the atmosphere, the poetry, and the entire take on things from a ghostly perspective. I honestly think I may buy it. Thank you so much for your write up on this movie. I went in search of what others had thought because I enjoyed it so much but the end left me with questions.

I absolutely loved this movie. Like you said. A story within a story. But in real life there so many unsolved murders and sometimes you never get the answers. It was more on the realistic side for being a paranormal movie. Which was refreshing. Might I add the soundtracks were so relaxing. Listening to the rain and crickets. I could literally feel the heat and humidity, the smell of the country. The whole movie was filmed in this one house.

They never moved the focus from it. Loved it! And the creepiest part was seeing Polly walking backwards. Is the subtext about all the pretty women that have been locked away in houses never getting to experience the world. Supressed by their husbands living life as a trophy or domestic servant. Ms blum doesnt know how pollys life ends but she knows the story of pollys life and that the end was likely very bad. We know the end of pollys life but not her story. Its a horror book. Polly was probably being terrorized by that dude who was either a stalker or her abusive husband.

Ms blum says that if polly had seen herself as others see her she would have been pretty forever, but instead she does not and thus rots away. Polly has low self esteem, she thinks shes never good enough. She doesnt know shes pretty while she lives but realizes it too late.

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It stars Ruth Wilson as a live-in nurse who suspects her elderly employer's house may be haunted. Iris Blum, a retired horror writer, suffers from dementia and lives in a remote house in Braintree, Massachusetts. The house was built by a man for his new bride, but the couple vanished on their wedding day and left the house unfurnished. Iris's estate manager, Mr. Waxcap, hires live-in nurse Lily Saylor to care for her.

A slow, uncanny haunted house flick that thrives on texture and mood

On Lily's first night in the house, the telephone is wrenched out of her hands by an unseen force. After picking it up and walking away from the arch, a figure in white walking backwards is seen. A spot of black mold appears on a section of wall and slowly grows as the months pass. Lily often finds a corner of the rug at the base of the stairs has been flipped up, but she is the only person in the house who walks on the first floor.

Iris only refers to Lily as "Polly," which Mr. Waxcap explains comes from the protagonist of her most popular novel, "The Lady in the Walls. In Polly, wearing a wedding dress and black blindfold, walks through the empty house under the watchful eye of her husband. While rinsing berries in the kitchen, Lily briefly hallucinates that her arms have become bloated, gray and covered in black mold spots. Later that evening, while turning the channel dial on the television, she spots the reflection of a figure dressed in white standing in the archway of the room.

When she turns around, no one is there. Lily discovers a moldy cardboard box hidden away in a closet.